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When you think of someone that is brave, you think they have no fear, right? Well, actually the opposite is true. When you are full of fear, but take action in spite of your fear, that makes you brave.
There are a lot of different ways to show bravery, right? You can speak up for a good cause, fight off dragons, jump out of an airplane, or stand up to a bully. But this collection represents the bravery you need FOR YOU. Speaking up for your self worth, fighting mental dragons, jumping out of your comfort zone, and standing up to the bully that lives inside of our head and tells us we aren’t good enough every single day.
I have always had a love for big cats (sorry not your cute little calico house cat tho 🙈), but big beautiful cats in the wild. Leopards especially. They are majestic, confident and always brave enough to chase what they want. And that’s what I want for you: to be brave to chase your self worth, your dreams and chase away those mental dragons. That’s what I want for you, you brave, magical babe.
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